December 2020

Vogue Paris

Vanessa Paradis' beauty secrets : our Water Milk is one of them.

June 2020

Milky cosmetics are all the rage. How about you try our Water Milk ? Baby skin guaranteed !

July 2019

Cosmopolitan UK

A cleanser that gained the status of icon since legend Karl Lagerfeld called it his secret bath ingredient.

July 2019


An increasing amount of products are turning milky : a respectful and moisturizing formula for sensitive skins. Our Lingettes de Lait are among the favorites.

July 2019

Karl was right ! A little milky miracle that reminds us of vintage Hollywood (or Montmartre?) or even Grandma’s bathroom.

June 2019


A NO FOUNDATION GOAL : According to editor in chief Elisabeth Martorell, our Eau de Lait and its delicious perfume is truly a must-have for a perfectly healthy skin.

April 2019

In Touch

How can you learn to love your skin ? With a dash of Collosol’s Eau de Lait, a gentle and milky make-up remover.

March 2019

The star of facial cleansers across the Channel is a Parisian product. Trust the English women !

February 2019

La Parisienne’s secret is finally out ! A product that Frenchwomen have been passing on from generation to generation since its creation in the 1950s.

December 2018

Seriously ? Frenchwomen have their own personal wonder product ? And Karl Lagerfeld himself praised its merits ?

May 2018

Eau de Lait, the product that makes Westworld’s actresses’ skins look so perfect.

August 2017

Real Simple

Even better than micellar water ! A simple and efficient beauty ritual to remove all traces of makeup with a gentle softness.

March 2014

The famous interview of Karl Lagerfeld, whose secret for a healthy and scented skin was a bath filled with our Eau de Lait every day.It’s your turn to try !