A bottle of Collosol Eau de Lait is recognizable among others and is indispensable to any dressing table.

The simple step

One product, three uses

Makeup remover

Just a few drops of Eau de Lait on a cotton ball gently removes all traces of makeup and leaves skin cleansed, pristine and velvety soft. Makes makeup removal a delightful, soothing moment.

Face and body cleanser

The fresh, gentle secret to the perfect cleansing routine, morning and night. Collosol Eau de Lait cleanses and refreshes and adds just a hint of fragrance, for an unparalleled daily beauty routine.

For the bath

Add Collosol Eau de Lait to your bathwater for a luxurious bath worthy of Queen Cleopatra! Get healthy skin while you relax in a sea of fragrant, milky waves. The ultimate tip for a tranquil soak that leaves your skin royally perfect.

Tips for use

Face & bath

Smooth on the face

Dispense Eau de Lait onto a cotton ball. Gently remove makeup and dirt from face and eyes. Leaves skin purified and fresh and adds just a hint of fragrance.

Milky in the bath

Add two to three capfuls of Eau de Lait to bathwater. Enjoy a gentle, relaxing soak. Afterwards, skin will feel pleasant and comfortable.